This Is How To Maintain The Durability And Appearance Of Your Automatic Wooden Gate

The use of automatic wooden gates at home can beautify the appearance of the house from the outside. The choice of wood material on the front of the house will support the appearance of the house that looks more natural. That is why many people prefer this type of automatic gate over the iron automatic gate. In addition to wood materials that make the appearance of the house look more aesthetic, automatic wooden gates also have a more economical price than iron automatic gates or walls. Not to mention the simpler way of installing electric wooden gates makes installation costs more efficient.

However, this one automatic gate requires periodic maintenance to always look prime. The wood material makes this automatic gate not sufficiently resistant to weather attacks, fungi, and insects such as termites. Here are some ways to care for an automatic wooden gate to keep it durable and beautiful:

Using Termite-Resistant Materials

Insects like termites like wood and there are no guarantee that the automatic wooden gate at home will not be attacked by these annoying creatures. Therefore, it is time to think about the right protection so that the automatic gate does not quickly rot due to termites. To start with, you can apply termite-resistant materials during the finishing process of painting.

Using Anti-Fungal Liquid

In addition to termites, mushrooms are enemies of automatic wooden gates that often attack. The appearance of mould is usually caused by damp wood material. In other words, the rainy season is one of the triggers for the growth of fungus that attacks the automatic gate. However, you can protect the automatic wooden gate by applying teak oil or teak oil to the automatic gate. If the fungus has invaded the automatic gate, you can use an antifungal liquid that can be applied after the area affected by the fungus has been rubbed with sandpaper. After the anti-herbal liquid dries, paint the automatic gate evenly with high gloss or super gloss.

Using Coatings for Automatic Wooden Gates

Today, there are many coating products or drugs that are sold at the nearest building store. Its function is to protect the wood from sunlight and fungal attacks caused by moisture.

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